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Spooky CDs

Another recycled CD project. These were made with CDs, paper, and whatever I had in my stash.  I made two of them. This one has a bead garland as the cord and is hung in the computer lab at school. The other uses black paper twist (remember that stuff from the 80s?) and has black bats hanging between the CDs and the end of the garland.

Pipe cleaners, jingle bells, and orange spider rings finish both garlands.

I found the letters on another blog.

Her garland is very cool and she has great directions. I did use the BOO letters for another garland but that will have to wait until my birthday, when I hope to get a new camera.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Halloween Shoes

I am in trouble—my 6 year old digital camera died.  For a few days, I was able to use a borrowed camera. Now, a digital camera is #1 on my birthday wish list.

Since I don’t have any new Halloween pictures to post, I thought I would post some older ones.

Here are my soon-to-be-retired Halloween shoes. After 6 months of wear over 6 years, these shoes are wearing out. Leaks, tears, and worn soles tell me that I will be making a new pair for next year. These photos were taken in 2005, a few years after I made them.

2008 Calendar Page for November

My local artist’s group made calendars last year. Here is the page that I made for November, 2008. I used Calendar Creator Plus 10 for the grid, and Photoshop Elements 2 for the final page.

Calendar Creator Plus, Photoshop Elements & a lot of patience!

Calendar Creator Plus, Photoshop Elements & a lot of patience!

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