Let’s see, who am I? Well, I guess the title of the blog is a good place to start. Yes, I am an artist. No, I don’t draw or paint. I love to work with paper and mixed media as well as traditional needlecraft. I also love performing and enjoy being in costume or entertaining.

Nowadays, I mostly write non-fiction. I’m the author of a book about the Commodore 64 computer. For several years I had a weekly column in the local paper, reviewing children’s educational software. I also wrote monthly columns on “Cooking with Kids.”

Teacher. That’s a harder one for me. Since I work for a school district, teacher has a specific meaning: someone with BA, MA, and an teaching certificate. I don’t have any of those but I am very much a teacher. Mostly, I teach teachers how to use technology, both for themselves and for their students. I also teach art, especially paper crafts, to anyone who will stand still. Students love to look at my desk in the computer lab since it usually has a display of paper sculpture or something made from computer parts.


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July 2018
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Traditional Books: What I’m reading

  • "Elegant Enigmas:the art of Edward Gorey" by Karen Wilkin
  • "Around the Border: Crochet Borders" by Edie Eckman
  • "Crochet Master Class" by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss
  • Audiobooks: I’m listening to these

    "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman
  • "For Us, The Living" by Robert Heinlein
  • eBooks: What’s in my digital readers

  • "Page" by Tamora Pierce
  • "Alice's Adventures Underground" by Lewis Carroll (his original manuscript)
  • Music: This week’s playlist

  • "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" Soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat
  • "Pure Cajun" collection by "various artists"
  • "Duets: An American Classic" by Tony Bennett
  • "The Fantasticks" Original Cast Album (with Jerry Orbach!)
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