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A simple yet satisfying project

I’ve been seeing these all around the internet and finally made a bunch of the last month. It was surprisingly satisfying and I plan to make more. What was this satisfying project? Beribboned paperclips!

Ribbons, paperclips and a dab of glue

Easy to make and so much fun


My friend Sandy was there and she took a bunch of them too. It’s a great way to use up those 2-inch bits of ribbon. Even better, it is easy to find one when you need one.

We used wider ribbons on the wide clips. In addition to day to day use, I plan to include some themed ones in my holiday notebooks. I found a box of black paper clips at Staples and will add Halloween ribbons to them. These will be fun to include in gift bags at a Halloween Tea Party.




Another “Molly Weasley” inspired sweater

My friend Sandy liked my “Molly sweater” and wanted one for herself. Like the one I made for myself, I used the body of an existing sweater. I’m very pleased at how this one came out. Of course, the second one you make is always better but this one is really satisfying.

Molly sleeves added to a black sweater

Black trim around the hood and hem

Detail of sleeve

I’m really enjoying making these. The next one I make will have more variation in the stitch patterns.

Scrapbook paper star garland

Inspiration Stars

I saw these stars in an ad recently and thought they would make a fun garland. Here’s what I made.

9 star garland

There are 9 stars, each with a different pattern paper. I added “stitching” along the edges to emphasize the sewing theme. Since it has buttons, thread, and “stitching” I think I will hang it on the window above my sewing machine.

Here’s a close up of a star.

Front detailScrapbook paper on the front, crochet cotton ties and buttons from my stash.

To make the star sturdy enough to support the buttons, I used left over red poster board for the backing.

back of star

The stars were all drawn freehand and I like how different they all are. This was a very satisfying project.

Fabric Covered Book

Liz and I got together on Saturday and made these books from Ali Edwards blog.

Thank goodness Liz is better than following directions than I am or my book would still not be finished!

The book started by making the covers: mat board, book cloth, scrapbook paper and  two snap binder rings.Front cover of brown mat board and black book tape

Inside cover

Punch holes and add envelope pages

I’m a sucker for envelope books. It seems like all the books I’ve been making have at least a few envelopes in them. This one is all envelopes.

On Sunday, I decided to finish the book.  It’s to be a remembrance book, of people who have passed away. I’ll put a photo on the right page and tuck things into the envelope on the left.

Leaves drying on the envelope flaps

One of my favorite books about death is “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf” by Leo Buscagalia. I’ll include lines from it on the title page.

Front cover - decoratedHere’s a sample layout.

Sample pagesI’ll do some journaling on the left page and put memorabilia in the envelope. The rubber stamped girl is one of Alan’s stamps and one of his best sellers.

The Molly Weasley Sweater

Like most crocheters who are also Harry Potter fans, I dreamt of the sweater Molly Weasley wore in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” It was amazing! Full of colors, pattern with enormous bell sleeves.  It has become quite a hot item to make, both in wearable size and in miniature. Here’s what the original looks like.

The colors are brighter in the movie

The colors are brighter in the movie

I imagine Molly making the sleeves with the leftover yarn from each year’s Christmas sweaters. If I was going to make this, I wanted to actually wear it. Molly’s sweater has a simple double crochet pink body. Since it was the sleeves I loved that was the part I would make. I cut the sleeves off a red sweater I had and unwound the yarn to include in my sleeves. Here’s the result.

An old sweater gets new sleeves

An old sweater gets new sleeves

It’s been a lot of fun to wear and quite comfortable. It is a winter sweater however, as the sleeves are heavy & warm. I am surprised at how often people recognize it as being from a Harry Potter movie, even if I don’t wear a witche’s hat with it!

Christmas Words Frame

Chrismas crafting goes on year round here. Here’s one that I made last May. The frame was a Goodwill find and very inexpensive as one corner was damaged. It made a good place to glue a large jungle bell.

Fun with fonts

Fun with fonts

Christmas Ornament Tags

I like small things and these are a good example. The images on the tags were originally vintage postcards. I cleaned them up and printed them trading card size. Choosing the right image for each person, then embelishing the cards was the fun part.

Shrunk & embelished vintage postcards

Shrunk & embelished vintage postcards

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