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Another simple and satisfying project

As a tech support person, I carry a lot of flash drives. At first there was only one or two and it was easy to tell them apart.  They either looked different or had different charms on them. Now however, they are mostly black and with so many of them, the charms were getting tangled and I couldn’t tell which was which.

All are black with 8 gigs each

Which holds programs? Which has manuals? Site specific files?

Now, with a little label tape and names from the Wizarding World, I know which has current programs, which has reference materials, which has programs for older OSs, etc.

Each has items for different areas of tech support

With a little help from Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Luna


Another “Molly Weasley” inspired sweater

My friend Sandy liked my “Molly sweater” and wanted one for herself. Like the one I made for myself, I used the body of an existing sweater. I’m very pleased at how this one came out. Of course, the second one you make is always better but this one is really satisfying.

Molly sleeves added to a black sweater

Black trim around the hood and hem

Detail of sleeve

I’m really enjoying making these. The next one I make will have more variation in the stitch patterns.

The Molly Weasley Sweater

Like most crocheters who are also Harry Potter fans, I dreamt of the sweater Molly Weasley wore in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” It was amazing! Full of colors, pattern with enormous bell sleeves.  It has become quite a hot item to make, both in wearable size and in miniature. Here’s what the original looks like.

The colors are brighter in the movie

The colors are brighter in the movie

I imagine Molly making the sleeves with the leftover yarn from each year’s Christmas sweaters. If I was going to make this, I wanted to actually wear it. Molly’s sweater has a simple double crochet pink body. Since it was the sleeves I loved that was the part I would make. I cut the sleeves off a red sweater I had and unwound the yarn to include in my sleeves. Here’s the result.

An old sweater gets new sleeves

An old sweater gets new sleeves

It’s been a lot of fun to wear and quite comfortable. It is a winter sweater however, as the sleeves are heavy & warm. I am surprised at how often people recognize it as being from a Harry Potter movie, even if I don’t wear a witche’s hat with it!

More Harry Potter items – a Golden Snitch and Devil Mints

Here are a few more items that I’ve made over the past couple of years. The Golden Snitch came out quite well, especially after I figured out how to attach the tie-tack backing. Since the snitch is crocheted, I sewed a button to the back of it. That made a firm surface to glue on the tie tack. The wings were from a clearance sale—10 cents a pair!

A tiny pin to wear to your next Quidditch match

A tiny pin to wear to your next Quidditch match

The “Devil Mints” container and candies were made for the “summer of Harry Potter” 2007. I went to two Wizard Rock concerts, saw a “live podcast” of “Pottercast” from the Leaky Cauldron & was hired to entertain at the movie opening of “Order of the Phoenix” and for the book release of “Deathly Hallows.” No wonder this summer seemed bland!

I carried the Devil Mints in a small cauldron (that I also used as purse) and gave the candies away. I warned people that they had no effect on muggles but if you were a witch or a wizard,  they would cause you to sprout horns! This seems like something that the Weasley twins would carry in their shop.

If you are a witch or wizard, they cause you to sprout horns!

If you are a witch or wizard, they cause you to sprout horns!

The candies are red & white striped mints, the labels designed in MS Word and printed on address labels, and the container is a french fry box template.

Travel-size Skelegro Bottle

I made this for a Harry Potter swap a few years ago. It started life as a large vanilla extract bottle. I added clip art from Dover and a plastic skull ring. I keep it on an old spice cabinet in my kitchen, along with vintage spice bottles. Later versions of the bottle had a slightly smaller label.

vanilla extract bottle, Dover clip art, plastic skull ring

Travel-size Skelegro front: vanilla extract bottle, Dover clip art, plastic skull ring

Travel-size Skelegro back

Travel-size Skelegro back

A “witchy” sign for your Halloween kitchen

This is another Harry Potter idea. (Madam Pomfrey is the school nurse.) I keep this one posted year-round inside a kitchen cupboard door, near the sink and cleaning supplies.

The Hogwarts school nurse reminds you to wash your cauldron.

The Hogwarts school nurse reminds you to wash your cauldron.

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