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Recycled technology Christmas Tree

Made of tractor feed paper on a foam cone with a CD base

Made of tractor feed paper on a foam cone with a CD base

I’ve loved all the paper trees that I have seen online. This was my first attempt at one and it was a great way to use up the last of the green tractor feed paper. The colors on the paper were so intense, I couldn’t throw it away.

Not only is the tree sitting on a CD, I store it in an empty 100-CD spindle. It does a great job of keep the paper fluffled. I just remove the tin foil star and put the cover back on.


The photo at the top of the page

Some one asked about the photo at the top of my blog. No, it is not clip art. It’s a photo I took while on our road trip in 2002. It was taken at Dinosaur National Park near Vernal, Utah. We had a wonderful time there and spent most of two days exploring the area. It was fascinating and I would love to go back.

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